The road trip that changed everything

In the Summer of 2009, just a few months after we got married, my wife and I did together what turned out to be the most amazing road trip of our lives, driving 5,575 miles across the US, from New York to San Francisco.

Until before this road trip I had always traveled with my camera, to capture memories of those trips. But it was this trip that really introduced me to the appeal of travel photography, which is really not just about taking pictures, but about all the planning which is required to be done ahead of time, studying each and every location. The goal is a careful plan which lists all the locations to be visited, with best times to shoot at each location, and with all the logistics required to turn that plan into reality.

The planning for this trip took about three months, and the map below was the end result of all that planning. We used various resources to help us decide the final route, but the main inspiration ended up being the Loneliest RoadRunning coast-to-coast through the heart of America, US-50 passes through a dozen different states. From that starting point, we added several detours to enable us to visit some of the most beautiful National Parks and scenic routes in the United States.

If you click on the map above you will be able to visit each chapter of the story of this amazing road trip.

This experience really changed the way we experienced living in the US. We loved the deserts of the South West, and therefore, over the next couple of years, we took a few other road trips focused just on the Southwest of the United States. One day I will be adding to this website the stories of those trips.

Visiting Japan.

My wife is originally from Japan, and this has given me the amazing opportunity to fulfil one of my dreams. On several trips we went to Japan, to visit her family and to visit some of the most beautiful places I have ever seen.