When I launched my first website, back in 1999, I called it "my little world" because, at that time, my world was mainly limited to my home town. I lived there, I worked there, and most of my friends lived there. Since then, though, mostly by luck and very much thanks to the Internet, things have changed a lot in my life.

In 2000 I moved to the United States to study computer science. In 2005 I started working as a web developer in Long Island, not too far from New York City. Living in the US has broadened my horizons and has allowed me to become friend with many interesting people from all over the world. Moreover, during the twelve years in which I lived in the US, I have had the opportunity to travel across the entire country. In 2009, few months after we got married, my wife Yasuko and I drove together 5,555 miles across the country, from New York to San Francisco. Needless to say, after that amazing experience, we took a few other road trips in the Southwest.

My wife is Japanese, and this has given me the amazing opportunity to go visit her family in Japan and to go to see some of the most beautiful places around there.

In 2011 my wife and I moved back to Italy, to my home town. Even though I obviously don't feel that my world is "little" anymore, I decided, with a note of irony, to keep using the original name of my home on the web.

New year, new website

Few weeks ago, my good friend Mickey and I were talking, and I was telling him how I have thousands of pictures sitting in my archives that I rarely look at, and that I have never even shared with anyone. I have attempted several times over the past few years to design a couple of photo books, but, each time, they turned out to be overwhelming project, which required too much time (and too much money as well, since printing those books is not cheap). Moreover, I am not very pleased with the quality of on-demand digital printing, especially when compared with the quality of some really amazing Japanese photo books (printed using traditional offset technology instead). Which is another reason why I ended up abandoning those projects.

I have been sharing some of those pictures on Facebook and other social sites, but this is not something that I enjoy very much either, the main reason being that I'd rather control the way those images are presented, in a similar fashion to the way I could have done had I ever completed the aforementioned photo book projects.

Thus, here I am, resurrecting my website. This time, though, I won't just pick up where I left and add new content. Last year was the 15th anniversary of this website and I feel that it is time to reorganize the entire site, removing most of the stale content, and producing lots of new content, this time focusing on the concept of stories. I don't expect this to be a quick process, especially because I have literally years and years of images to go through, but I hope you will enjoy what I will end up publishing on these pages.