Of course it’s all luck.
— Henri Cartier-Bresson

Francesco Gallarotti

When I launched my first website, back in 1999, I called it "my little world" because, at that time, my personal world was mostly limited to my home town. I lived there, I worked there, and most of my friends lived there.

Since then, mostly by chance and thanks to the Internet, things have changed. In 2000 I moved to the United States to get a degree in computer science. In 2005 I started working as a web developer in Long Island, near New York City.

Needless to say, living in the US has widened my horizon, allowing me to become friend with many interesting people from all over the world. Also, during the twelve years that I lived in the US, I have had the chance to travel, visiting most of the major American cities. After getting married in 2008 with my wife, we drove 5,555 miles across the country from New York to San Francisco, and then, the following winter, we did a second road trip in the Southwest.

My wife is Japanese, which also meant the I had the amazing opportunity to visit a few times her home town in Japan and, thanks to her family, to visit some of the most interesting places around there.

In 2011, my wife and I moved back to Italy, to my home town. Now, though, my world is not that "little" anymore. Nonetheless, I decided, with a note of irony, to continue to use the old name of my virtual home on the Internet.

About this website

In my lens

This is my photoblog. In there, among others, you will find some of my favorite pictures taken over the past few years in the United States, Japan and Europe.

On my mind

This is my personal blog.

The briefcase

My father kept his old black & white pictures in a small leather briefcase. When I was still a child, he used to take the briefcase out of the closer once in a while, sit next to me and show me some of the photographs, telling me the stories behind each of them.

After my father passed away, I asked my mother if I could have that briefcase. At the time I lived in the US. Now that I recently moved back to Italy, my mother gave me the briefcase, literally packed with small beautiful prints. These photographs were mostly taken by my father, some by his friends and family. 

Unfortunately, I don't recall the stories behind the pictures. Nonetheless, I decided to scan some of the photographs I like the most to share them with you on these pages. If you find them interesting, please let me know! My father would have been happy to know that!


Some of my best photographs, collected in a series of themed portfolios.

Green Tea Gallery

When I founded the Green Tea Gallery (GTG) group on Flickr back in the year 2006, I opened the doors of this virtual photography gallery with these words: "Imagine a rainy winter afternoon, gray and cold outside, a nice and warm atmosphere inside the gallery, the smell of the waxed floors in the air and the white walls covered with beautiful pictures while music plays softly in the background." The gallery was essentially a selection of pictures found on Flickr, which I used to personally curate on a daily basis with the ultimate goal to create a companion online website and a printed magazine.

Unfortunately this project had to be abandoned for personal reasons while we were close to launch the very first issue. Since then, the Flickr group has been running almost on autopilot. For years, we have continued to receive submissions and thousand pictures made it into the Green Tea Gallery pool, which I still occasionally find the time to curate. This section of my website used to showcase some of the best images, personally hand picked from the pool. Over the past few years many wonderful virtual galleries and fine art photography websites, managed by qualified curators, were launched, thus I believe that there is no need for the GTG to exist anymore.

Therefore, while I would like to maintain the old name, of which I am very fond, I would like to repurpose completely this section to become my personal collection of interesting thing that I happen to discover in the world of fine art photography. There will be articles, comments, pictures, links, videos... anything, really, that I will consider worth bookmarking and sharing with all of you. I'd love to hear if happened to find here something that also stimulate your interest!

DISCLAIMER: All images published within the Green Tea Gallery are copyrighted by their respective authors. They are not to be disseminated without the authors' permission. In no way do I claim to own the copyright for any of the material unless stated, and copyright remains with the original license holder. If you wish for any item to be removed from this area, then please contact me.